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Round 33 Tiebreaker

tie 2

We have one tie for Round 33: Five Panel Sets. You know what to do. Please don't vote if your icon is displayed.

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Poll #1801034 Round 33 Tiebreaker

Please select the BEST icon.

Round 33 Voting


We didn't receive any more sets in Challenge 33: Five Panel Sets, but I'm going to hold voting anyway because we have 25 lovely icons! Good luck to all!

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We have five sets of icons, but I'd like to extend Challenge 33 for one more day in the hopes that we get at least one more set.

Your new deadline will be Saturday, December 3rd at 10pm EST. Please submit icons to the CHALLENGE POST.


Reminder 1

Round 33: Five-Panel Sets ends this Friday, so please submit your sets if you have them. As a reminder, each member may enter two sets (ten icons).

The challenge ends on Friday, December 2nd. Please submit icons to the CHALLENGE POST.


Reminder 5

We've received three marvelous set for Round 33: Five-Panel Sets! The challenge ends in just under a week, so I hope to see more. As a reminder, each member may enter two sets (ten icons).

The challenge ends on Friday, December 2nd. Please submit icons to the CHALLENGE POST.

Round 33

Challenge 5

Welcome to Round 33 of iconic_lee! For the next challenge, we're going to do a five-panel set. This means that you should pick one scene from the show (featuring Lee, of course) and make five icons of the scene. I've included a sample scene to illustrate what I mean. When you submit, please submit your icons in order. They don't have to be submitted horizontally, just make sure they are in the order you want them to be from top to bottom of the submission comment. I will be presenting them in sets for voting.

Voting themes will be First, Second, and Third place for both icons and set, as well as the usual Best Color and Crop. Best Theme will be eliminated for this challenge.

For this round, you may submit TWO SETS, which means ten icons for each member.

Last day to post icons: Friday, December 2nd @ 10 PM EST
Voting will start: Friday, December 2nd @ 10 PM EST
Winners will be announced: Sunday, December 4th

Enter with a reply to this post; all comments will be screened.

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Round 32 Winners & Banners


After a lengthy delay, finally the results for Round 32: Serious!Lee. Thank you to everyone who participated. I've unscreened the original post for those who are interested. The next challenge goes up on Sunday! Have a great weekend!

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Round 32 Tiebreaker

tie 2

I had hoped to post winners before leaving on my vacation, but alas, we have ties! I'll post the results when I return. Sorry for the delay everyone! (Please don't vote if your icons are displayed.)


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Poll #1793290 Round 32 Tiebreaker - Third Place

Please select the best icon


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Poll #1793291 Round 32 Tiebreaker - Best Color

Please select one icon for Best Color

Voting Reminder

Voting Reminder

We have some lovely icons for Round 32: Serious!Lee, but very few votes. If you have a moment, please stop by and tell us your favorites. It only takes a moment and I would so appreciate it!


Round 32 Voting


We have 15 beautiful icons for Round 32: Serious!Lee. You know what to do!

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